Live imagine there's I'm,
Hell man life all only.
All all religion and,
The you'll try nothing.
I'm all a I,
Wonder in hope.

Will I'm world sky,
If imagine countries I the.
For only no say living a,
As but imagine people.
Easy the will the,
Kill to I that.

Imagine no us us the join today,
No people one no can one.
Do hard dreamer one no for,
Heaven greed no you say living possessions.

The or someday,
You if may a and.
That world join to dreamer you'll,
Imagine sharing us hunger.
Peace world someday brotherhood,
Imagine not it us.

Isn't of above need it's you too,
Hope I'm die or the and.
But for people may below be,
One there's you the as only not.


66952 remixes made since July 29th 2009. That's an avarage of around 16 remixes a day. The original order of the words has been displayed 5832 times. That's an avarage of around 1 request a day.

Did you know that there are 129 words in this text? Words like I am, you will and the like, are spelled as I'm and you'll respectively, thus counted as one word.

There are billions and billions of different combinations possible with these 129 words. To calculate them, you'll need to calculate the factorial of 129, which is notated as: 129!

129! = 4.974504222477287 x 1027. To give you some perspective, the nearest known star (other than the sun) is about 4.22 light years away. The edge of the observable universe is about 4.65 x 1010 light years away. The number of sand grains on earth is probably somewhere between 1020 and 1024, this is roughly the same as the number of stars we know about.

Okay, back to the text. The text comprises five verses, three containing three sentences, making six lines. Two verses contain two sentences, making four lines.

The distribution of words by line is as follows:

And finally, let's count the individual words and see how they are distributed. You would imagine that the word imagine was used the most, but that was actually 'only' used six times, the same as the word no.

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